Florida Intimate Wedding + Elopement Photographer

I'm a destination intimate wedding + elopement photographer currently kickin' it in Gainesville, Florida, but I love to travel so...where are we going?

I'm a huge fan of anything that involves adventuring or taking risks. Wanna run wildly through a field of flowers? Let's do it. Wanna ride horses through the rocky mountains? I'm game. Wanna have a steamy session around a campfire? Let's make s'mores.

My strength is capturing real moments between real people and bringing all the feels in with it! My main goal is to provide you with authentic photos that you will cherish and look back on forever.

I like to be able to FEEL the love, admiration and giddiness when editing later. So run your fingers through your hair, giggle and drop any and all insecurities because you are beautiful as hell.

And let’s do this.

If your love is wild, a boring session can only tame it.

My goal is to give you not just a session, but an experience. I want you two to walk away feeling so much love and gratitude for one another. I hope to give you a memory that will last forever and a day.

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Cherri + Brooke

“We booked Rhiannon for our engagement shoot and wedding. Sadly my mother in law had a heart attack the morning of our wedding. After the ceremony, Rhiannon stopped what she was doing and edited a few photos of the ceremony and sent them to my mother in law in the hospital. She was thoughtful enough to know that a mother missed her sons wedding and did everything she could to help her share in our special day after all. We have the most beautiful photos of the best weekend of our lives, thanks to Rhiannon.”

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